Meeting Essentials

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We want to provide you with more information and options.
MPS specializes in a wide variety of styles and sizes of badge holders, lanyards, ribbons,
and other registration needs.
When requesting a sample or quote, a dedicated customer service representative will contact you to make sure that you are receiving what you need.
MPS works with associations and organizations across the US, Canada and overseas.
If you do not see what you need, please call us at 800-444-9589.
We will be happy to get you information for any item.
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Clear Badge Holder Imprinted badge holders Pouch Badge Holders
Clear Badge Holders Imprinted Badge Holders Pouch Badge Holders
Ribbons imprinted lanyards Lanyards & Neck Cords
Ribbons Imprinted Lanyards Lanyards & Neck Cords
Inserts Eco-Friendly registration supplies
Inserts Eco-Friendly Registration Supplies